Marc Baghdadi

Web Developer

About Me


I am a recently qualified junior full-stack Web Developer.

I spent the last three months attending General Assembly's Web Development Immersive bootcamp, learning key programming concepts while building full-stack applications in both Ruby and JavaScript.

My interest in web development and programming developed side-by-side with my educational background in Maths and Life Sciences.

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A collection of apps and sites I have built

Battle Cats screenshot

Battle Cats

A small game built as a JavaScript exercise. A take on battleships, Battle Cats was also uploaded to Kongregate as an entry for Game in Ten Days #47.

GiTD Logo


A website for showcasing Game in Ten Days (GiTD) game jams. Users are able to upload their creations, and comment and vote on other games. The site can be found here.

Jumble Logo


A cross between StumpleUpon and Pinterest, Jumble lets users grab a glimpse of current news stories.

Cattleships Logo


24-hour hackathon project, working with FireBase. The game can be found here.

Ultimate TicTacToe

Ultimate TicTacToe

An Angular project, Ultimate TicTacToe brings a new challenge to the simple game.



ChemHelper is an app to help with chemistry knowledge. Once logged in, users can select an element to learn about from the periodic table, or test their knowledge with a quiz.

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